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01Aluminum alloy electric control case
China's the gas meter adopts aluminium alloy electric control case,Electric control is made from shell with high strength aluminum alloy material with die casting process
02The bulletproof toughened glass panel
Gas on the surface of plate with high strength bulletproof glass materials,Using polyurethane glue joint will be tempered glass panel and casing seal joint
03Fully sealed Waterproof levelIP65
Fully sealed design,Rf card structure,Waterproof and dustproof performance,The waterproof levelIP65The international standard,To adapt to the gas meter outdoor damp environment such as the installation of the operating mode
04And disassembly, and steal behavior
The integration of structure,High strength material application(Aluminum alloy electric control case+Toughened glass panels),No external remove points,To steal gas behavior do not know how to start

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Gas meter quality is reliable,Long warranty period without worries
Gas meter quality is reliable,Long warranty period without worries

Harbin gas company said,In choice and Beijing: safe cooperation before,Looked at a number of manufacturers everywhere!We ask is high for the quality of the products,Because it is first time cooperation,So for the essence of the gas meter...

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Pay attention to the brand、Quality、The good faith and service
Pay attention to the brand、Quality、The good faith and service

Beijing: hua an instrument technology co., LTD, is a well-known domestic research and development of gas meter manufacturing enterprises,Pay attention to brand your company,Quality,The good faith and service,Wins the general customers high approval,At any time for us to solve the products...

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Beijing: hua an instrument technology co., LTD

Beijing: hua an instrument technology co., LTD, is a set of intelligent household metering instrument of research、Development、Production、Sales and service in the integration of high-tech enterprises,Located at Beijing famous hot spring resort-Changping district xiaotangshan。 The company currently has employees100Many people,One of them,Machinery、The instrument、The computer、Electronic contour、Intermediate professional and technical personnel30More than,Professional technicians20Many people,College degree or above in the number of employees accounted for all employees60%The above,Insufficient staff average age30Years old。Strong technical force......

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The future of diaphragm gas meter
Traffic measurement has a long history,Historical records can be traced back to BC1000Years or so,Egypt weir method was used to measure the Nile water;1738Years,The Swiss with the differential method to measure water flow;1911Proposing Carmen for American street...
How the gas meter readings
Natural gas as a future energy strategy development direction in China,Countries have been through a variety of policies to stimulate the gas consumption,A growing number of provinces and cities have join gas。So for the first time contact with gas...
Gas meter price
Natural gas in China gold over the past 10 years of development,Nowadays both annual volume and usage has reached a considerable amount,The corresponding gas meter usage also in increased year by year,Five species of gas meter...
Home kitchen burning gas common sense of choose and buy
The energy structure in our country is still in transition,Although countries vigorously promote coal gas coal change is electricity,Promote the new energy、Clean energy,But still needs time,This leads to the residents' life energy is not used in different area...
Sorching summer note gas hazards
This year's summer is not too good,Throughout the south40Many degrees,Even Beijing is also a continuous high temperature,To high38Degrees,As usual35Degrees,Go out to walk,Will sweat suit。High temperature can accelerate the aging of fuel gas facilities,Will be, too...
How to choose the gas meter
New home stay、New store opening、Gas enterprises,When used in gas meter,Don't know how to choose,So many kinds of brands,The same product divides a lot of kinds,How to choose?Don't really believe in natural gas...
Enterprise dynamic The dynamic of the industry
Iot gas meter(2)
Iot gas meter(2)

7. The main function Data collection Can automatically collect electromechanical sensor pulse signal,Adopts double reed pipe sampling method,Is designed...

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